Thursday, August 24, 2006

At the top of his game

WO was my cousin and I am so proud to share some of his genetic excellence.

He was a man for all seasons and so humble in his travels through this world. At family gatherings he would fade into the background and take in all that everyone had to say...when he could have entertained the entire group for hours with his repartee.

He was an old, wise soul, a kind and gentle spirit. I think he has somehow been selected for a role of universal influence which is so badly needed in this world, else why would he have been taken this soon?

Sharing in the celebration of his life was a gift I will always be grateful for. It was absolutely amazing to meet and hear from the many, many people touched by him in both profound and simple ways.

I choose to remember him at mile 21. Both feet off the ground, thumbs up, broad grin, at the top of his game and awash in endorphins. I am sure he left feeling satisfied with his performance in all aspects of his life.

He will be forever missed, but I take solace in knowing he was, and is, destined for great things. My condolences to all of you who share in the sorrow of his loss to us.

Susan Pemberton
Portland, Oregon

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