Thursday, August 24, 2006

A true gentleman

I just heard the news about Bill 2 days ago and am still in complete shock. I only met him once 4 years ago when myself and two friends traveled across the USA -- when we reached San Francisco Pat & Ute very kindly provided a meal for us. Bill was there too and was lucky enough to witness our pathetic Irish attempts at drinking tequila!! That one time made a lasting impression though. He seemed like a really lovely guy and a true gentleman.

Bill’s name actually came up in a conversation between my friend and I a few weeks ago. We were chatting about our time in SF and were remembering the night we had the meal with the Goggins that Bill sat in the trunk of the car while Ute drove us all back to San Fran afterwards and let us ladies sit in comfort!! If that’s not gentlemanly then I don't know what is!!!

From reading the comments posted on this website it's clear to see what an impression he made on so many people's lives and although this must be a totally heartbreaking time for Pat, Ute & the rest of the family, I hope it provides some kind of comfort to see how loved, admired and respected he was. There aren't many people who leave such a lasting impression.

I am so sorry for Pat, Ute & the rest of the family and my thoughts are with you.

Philippa Ekin
Northern Ireland

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