Saturday, September 16, 2006

Forever in My Heart

A spirit so great
A blessing to know
To share a part of his life
That will never go

I met Billybob when I started working at the SF Weekly and the calls, emails and instant messages about his passing made their way to me in the early morning. I knew it was a special bond because a few of the people who brought me the news commented that they didn't know him that well, but they knew how much love we had for each other. One friend reminded me that he had me introduce him to Bill because he had to meet the guy who left me the crazy messages on my answering machine.

I would challenge Bill on his movie reviews so much that it finally got to the point that before they were published, he'd run them by me and ask how he did. Even after I moved back to Texas, Bill and I kept in touch. Sometimes it was only around the time of his birthday when I'd send my annual email or when I'd visit SF, but no matter what he was and always will be forever in my heart.

I saw him last a couple of Easters ago when he came to town with his parents and I am so glad that we got to spend our last moments together in the manner we did.


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