Monday, October 23, 2006

Missing Bill's Voice

I am another one of the "group of girls" referenced in this earlier blog post that knew Bill from his Georgetown days. Anne Marie said she doesn't remember how we all met Bill initially, but I do! He and his friend Dan Dubrowski made their way through the freshman girls' dorm soon after the start of the school year and systematically knocked on every door! And on that auspicious day in 1982, when I responded to that knock, the seeds of an enduring friendship were sown. Bill used to call me on my birthday every year, no matter where in the world I happened to be - a testament to his loyalty to friends and his amazing capacity for maintaining ties. October 10th was a quiet day this year... .

A birthday, October ten
The phone rings, rings again
On the line
An old friend of mine
His voice, wry and warm
His gently mocking tone
As if he swallowed a smile
And let it linger a while
The smile now a laugh
Needs room, finds a path
Once free, a full-bodied sound
Envelopes, embraces all those around
October ten ends, in the corner the phone
No rings all day, quiet, forlorn
The echoes of Bill
In my heart still.

Lisa Mason

Note: The image above is from a home-made card from Bill, sent to me in June 1989.