Friday, November 07, 2008

Thoughts of Bill

Only few days ago we knew about Bill's death.

My name is Massimo, I am from Cagli (Italy).

I knew Bill and Joey White in 1997 with my wife Federica, during their first vacation in Italy.

It was a big and healthy friendship immediately.

They have been our dear friends.

We kept in contact, and some month later, they come back in Italy to spend summer holiday and to spend the New Year's eve with us. It was fantastic!! We had a lot of fun.

We had the difficulty of the language, we don't speak English very well, but the understanding and the intelligence of Bill eliminated every barrier among us.

Then we rarely felt us. He wrote me..."excuse Massimo I am always very busy with the job."

In 2004 I sent him the photos of our daughter IRIS.

Then in 2005 after death of my father. It's one of the last times we are written us.

In that year I lost the data in my PC and I couldn't to send him e-mail anymore.

I remembered "Bill" "William" but not his surname. For us, and for our friends in Cagli He was only Bill.

Saturday 1 November, I found Bill's address card of the WIRED.

Monday just in the office, I wrote his name to track him down and I read what happened.

You cried him two years ago, we do it today.

I translated and read the web "In memory of Bill."

I read yours thoughts and I had the confirmation that He was a special person.

Me and Federica have looked the photos of the beautiful days of vacation in Cagli.

We are touched remembering the friend Bill.

For a long time we didn't write us, but we knew that from some part to S. Francisco there was the friend Bill.

We'll always remember him in the magnificent days passed together, we'll always remember him like a great friend.

For me it was a big friendship.

He has marked in positive way our life. In our heart there will be always a special place for him.

Ciao Bill

Massimo Mosca

Cagli, Italy

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Old Mill

My Brother,
Missing sitting by the fire with you.
Missing seeing your reflection in the creak.
Missing your arm around me.
I miss you with my heart and soul.