Monday, July 19, 2010

¡Sigue a La Roja!

‘Viva la France’ was what I texted Bill as France advanced to the finals in the 2006 World Cup. I got a witty and thoughtful message in reply that put a smile on my face, as most of my interactions with Bill did. Those would be our last words exchanged and France would lose the game in a dramatic game and a 5-3 shoot out.

I fell in love with Bill during the late night/early morning matches of World Cup 2002. I stayed up to watch the games, not because I was cheering on any particular team, but because it was so much fun to hang out with Bill, especially during World Cup as he could be in a crowd of Brazilians routing for Germany and still be the most liked guy in the room. Brazil eventually made it’s way to victory and Bill and I began a romantic relationship.

It was always so easy to be with Bill although our relationship was not that ‘easy’. When it became a little too complicated, our romantic relationship dissolved but we stayed in communication. Our exchanges lessened to a text or email here and there but he was still one of the dearest people in my life.

I miss Bill.

¡Sigue a La Roja! Mi Corazon.

Carolina Santiago